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Listed below are standard features for the adjustable Cover Guard line set cover system. These features offer the flexibility you need without making it necessary to stock excessive inventory.

  • The Cover Guard system is adjustable, allowing channels to expand from 2 to 4 inches.
  • Peel-away film allows for a super-clean install under any conditions. See example here
  • Components are paintable (see instructions for painting directions).
  • Components are UV stabilized and tested to temperatures from -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F.
  • Cover Guard components do not release under pressure. In fact, the greater the pressure exerted against the inside walls, the tougher the structure becomes, because the pressure causes the pieces to lock more tightly.
  • Fittings can be opened and closed as needed, so the system can be adjusted as necessary at any time.
  • Cam screws are constructed of hardened plastic, like a gun stock. They will never rust.

Cover Guard